Myotenofasciotomy is a major ambulatory surgical intervention. Optimizes patient’s rehabilitation suffering from multiple myofascial retractions.

Selective, closed procedure myotenofasciotomy is a short-term surgical treatment.

The method we use is minimally invasive, percutaneous and does not require the use of sutures.

A 24-hour hospital stay is all that is required.

No post- surgical immobilization casts required

Early active functional rehabilitation

It may be applied any body skeletal muscle

30 years of experience with over 12,000 operations

No interruption of rehabilitation protocols.

Compatible with any other treatments.



Treatment for the effects of cerebral palsy or similar pathologies of spasticity

Advanced Medical Surgery

This is an unequalled surgical method, the result of years of dedication in treating the effects of cerebral palsy.

Minimum Multi-level Surgery

Short-duration, 24-hour hospitalization, rapid recovery.

Frees the Myofascial System

Frees and liberates movement, stimulates neuroplasticity and improves performance in rehabilitation.

Optimizes Overall Patient Development

Growth, Biomechanics, self-esteem, to mention just a few.
Myotenofasciotomy is the name of the surgical treatment we apply to cerebral palsy and to those pathologies of a similar type (strokes, cranioencephalic trauma, spastic paraparesis and spasticity in general). This procedure aims to minimize the after-effects that develop with these kinds of pathologies. In the majority of cases, myotenofasciotomy is highly effective in improving the patient’s quality of life.


Dr Nazarov’s medical offices are registered with the Professional Association of Doctors of Barcelona (Spain) under number SP / 899 We attend our patients with the utmost professional care and medical expertise.

Successful Cases

Dr. Nazarov is one of the pioneers of this technique. He has performed over 12,000 operations in his 30-year career using these procedures, helping his patients to improve their mobility and quality of life.

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The percutaneous release at the fascia or muscle level of the shortened fibres that prevent or hinder the movement of a bone joint enables our patients regain mobility and independence.


Dr. Javier Bonín

Surgeon on Dr. Nazarov’s medical team

Dr. Bonín has been a surgeon since 1995, and has extensive experience working in large hospitals in Barcelona. He has acquired a high level of professional skills with years of experience in surgical practice and his participation in the development of heath care treatments.

Dr. Igor Nazarov

Head of the Surgical Medical Team

Since 1992 Dr. Nazarov has been developing the surgical medical procedures involved in selective and closed myotenofasciotomy for patients with myofascial retractions caused by brain damage or similar injuries.

Dr. Alfonso Alonso

Anesthesiologist on Dr. Nazarov’s Medical team

Dr. Alonso has been an anesthesiologist since 1993 working in the Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Services of hospitals in Barcelona and Catalonia. Doctor Alonso is highly recognized by different medical centres.



Infant cerebral palsy (ICP) manifests itself in several manners: hemiparesis, disparesis and tetraparesis these may in the following forms: spastic, mixed or others. Regardless of the type and form the possibility of improvement exists for each patient, be they children or adults, with the application of selective and closed-surgery myotenofasciotomy procedures. The efficacy of the method has been demonstrated by the results obtained in our patients over years of its application.


Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) have different types of severity and consequences. Motor limitations are the most serious after-effects of these injuries and these must treated in time, in order to regain maximum mobility. The elimination of multiple myofascial retractions with a minimally invasive and multilevel surgery is both essential and beneficial as these issues, among others, cause motor limitations and affect the patient’s coordination.


Not all patients manage to fully recover after suffering a stroke or a cerebro vascular accident. The event may have caused cerebral paralysis (CP) a hemiparesis or hemiplegia, which cause mobility problems in those affected. Treatment through selective, closed-surgery myotenofasciotomy helps to reduce mobility problems and aids more effective rehabilitation.


One thing that really helps families who have never considered this type of surgery before is finding out about others who underwent the procedure. This information is available in this section.



CINAMED SLP is a professional company owned by Dr Nazarov. It is registered with the Professional Association of Doctors of Barcelona (Spain) under number SP / 899



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