Medical Team
dr. nazarov

Head of the Surgical Medical Team

Dr. Igor Nazarov


Head of the Surgical Medical Team

Dr. Igor Nazarov

Collegiate No. 39305

Dr. Nazarov, since 1992, has been working on the development of surgical medical treatment of selective and closed myotenophasciotomy, aimed at patients with myofascial retractions, caused by brain damage or similar.

In 1999, he successfully completed his scientific thesis in the Chair of Surgical Diseases of Children at Moscow State Medical University. It continues with the dissemination of myotenophasiotomy treatment at medical conferences, and in numerous medical events and talks.

More than 9000 patients from different countries around the world (Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, USA, Canada, Hungary, Romania, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Greece, Argentina, Venezuela, Poland, Sweden, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Morocco, Turkey, Croatia, Slovakia, Australia, Ivory Coast, etc.), have been treated with such treatment.

Dr. Nazarov continues to contact and collaborates with different International and National Medical and Rehabilitation Centers, with the support and recognition of renowned specialists in this field, thanks to the good results achieved in his patients.


Surgeon on Dr. Nazarov’s medical team

Dr. Javier Bonín

Collegiate No. 26586

Surgeon doctor since 1995 acting in large hospitals in Barcelona. He has obtained his professional skills by practicing surgery and participating in the development of medicine. Its name is in several medical-scientific publications along with other professionals of high prestige.

He is a surgeon with a strong vocation and is interested in all branches of surgery.

He loves to belong to medical-surgical teams and in this way get the best results.

From 2012 to the present day he forms the medical-surgical team of Dr Igor Nazarov.


Dr. Javien Bonín


Dr. Alfonso Alonso


Head of the Surgical Medical Team

Dr. Alfonso Alonso

Collegiate No. 25667

Anesthesiologist doctor since 1993 acting in the Anesthesiology and Resuscitation Services of hospitals in Barcelona and Catalonia.

His deep knowledge is due to extensive training in the General and Children’s Hospitals of Barcelona and the long experience in this medical field. Dr. Alonso is highly recognized by different Medical Centers and by his fellow professionals.

From 2005 to the present day, he successfully serves in Dr Igor Nazarov’s medical-surgical team, children and adults.